• What do you imagine when someone says "Coca Cola"? Rivers of red, ornate handwriting and a bottle that looked the same 100 years ago? That's it! That's the point of corporate design. Its purpose is to give your company a clear face and make it differ from other faces in the crowd.  

    When facing a new logo assignment, we don't just draw pictures, but think hard and even harder and try to build a really meaningful corporate design that would grasp the gist of your identity. Colours help a good deal, typeface matters a lot, graphical features and illustrations as well... simply everything must fit together. We don't guesstimate, corporate design has quite a few rules that's good to know. 
    Once the corporate design is ready, we get down to codify it in a manual and start designing every little trifle, ranging from b-cards to t-shirts to toilet labels (they've got them at CocaCola too).     
    • Logotyp
    • Manuál vizuálního stylu
    • Firemní tiskoviny
    • Orientační systémy
    • Oblečení zaměstnanců
    • Vozový park
    • Brand naming
  • There are websites and websites. Some are fancy yet useless, as you get lost before you happen to find what you are looking for. Others would be quite handy, if only could one overcome their awful looks. 

    Our websites are coctails made of thoughtful information architecture, latest design and a clearly defined goal. Every client gets a proper measure, yet we are no Chinese factory (no offense to Chinese)  - unique clients have unique needs, and therefore get unique websites. 
    We can prove experience in robust portals, successful e-shops, creative microsites, reservation systems, company presentations of all sizes... simply whatever you can click on. 


    • Firemní weby
    • E-commerce řešení
    • Portálová řešení
    • Internetové aplikace
    • Microsite
  • You've got a great product or perfect service, but nobody knows? We put our heads together and work out a creative campaign that will make people wait in queue to get it. 

    Tell us what you sell and we do the rest: define the target group, determine a mix of channels to address the target group and conjure up a suitable campaign that can achieve it. 

    On-line or off-line, by sound or image, the means to seduce your clients are almost endless. Forget all those smudged flyers and get in touch. 

    • Kreativa
    • Mediamix
    • Directmail
    • Reklamní produkce
  • Good old print. The magic of matter, touch and gentle shades. We are simply loving it!. From start to end.

    First we think up the structure to lay out the content, then the copywriter brushes up the copy to make the words really hit you. Our designers carry on by creating the visual concept and the DTP operators set the final texts in type with pinpoint accuracy and prepare everything for printing.

    As the printing guys line up the folios, everything is all set -  you can be at ease and look forward to have your volumes delivered to your doorstep.

    • Firemní tiskoviny
    • Knihy a časopisy
    • Výroční zprávy
    • POS tiskoviny
    • Katalogy
  • Here we go! You've got a splendid website, appealing products, fantastic photos, great copy... and the stastics says your site was seen by 11 people. Where's the bug? 

    Drawing the traftic to your site is quite a tough nut. Lucky you, Porta has a cracker. We can mix such a coctail of good old and even better new SEO, PPC campaigns (you pay for what you get), e-mailing campaigns (not everything is spam), display campaigns (dont be surprised, banners still work quite well) and social media buzz to save your budget and tease relevant audience - potential customers. You need them, go and get them. 

    • Strategie
    • SEO
    • PPC systémy
    • Sociální sítě
    • E-mailing
    • Vyhodnocování úspěšnosti
  • "I am bloody good - buy me!" - isn't it the point of every copy (even this)? Fencing with words is fancy, but  only good copywriter can sell, i.e. make your clients go and buy it. 

    No fencing with words, no repolishing of polished phrases, no piling of corny clichés. Our copywriters simply don't "provide tailor-made solutions, and don't "realize your expectations". They write killer copy - words that sell.


    You know how it goes today: everything's quick, little time, too much info - you can spend whole day just sorting information. Hence the rise of importance of visuals that can leave much deeper impression in your audience than 1000 polished words. A high-quality pic loaded with strong atmosphere is quite enough to catch the attention of your future client,

    We shoot up and down 

    Fotíme ve stoje i v leže, v zimě i v létě, barevně i černobíle, na výšku či na šířku. Fotíme vinice i  vinaře, vinné láhve i ovíněné tváře, jednoduše cokoliv, co se vejde před objektiv (širokoúhlý). 

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