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Safe windows

Safe windows are not in every flat or house. That's why we helped to arrange an emotionally loaded campaign in order to alert broad public about the threat of unprotected windows as an easy way for thieves to break in.

A video running on background when the homepage is being loaded
Home page after the video stops
Postprodukce vizuálu na kampaň
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Video making-of

What we did

After an in-depth research we determined the target group, whose desire for a safe home makes it interested in technical safety issues. Outputs of the analysis helped us set the tone and face of the campaign: the key theme is a burglar that breaks into your home silently in 10 seconds through the frame of your screen. This unexpected video sequence attracted most visitors and made them carry on exploring the microsite. To spread the awareness about the project we devised both off-line and on-line campaigns.



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