We are mad. About our job.

Today every Tom, Dick and Harry develops websites. And every John Doe designs print matters. Porta does both and both apparently well. We never switch off untill it's all done. Being determined and meticulous bears juicy fruit. Someone's good at dribble, we score goals. 

We pursue the goal - your goal. You won't meet us at fancy parties; sitting at our desk does a better job to you. But before we sit down to sketch, we'll shower you with questions in order to understand you and your business. Only then we set off and squeeze our imagination to bring you the best possible result.

Special effects are cool, but we sweat for efficiency. The point is to sell, isn't it? Lo, professional branding and cutting edge design can be done in Czech Republic, too. For more than comepetitive price...


Three were the musketeers, three are our main values:

  • Empathy

    We are no Don Quixotes. Standing firmly on our feet and having sharp insight into our business is not enough – the ground is in being able to listen to you and your particular needs. Before we start, we learn about you as much as we can.

  • Control

    Everything is planned and strictly supervised. Our project tools give us instant info about the smallest detail in every account. Let's arrange a meeting for 11 am, at 10:58 the doorbell rings.

  • Balance

    This is our trademark. Art and logic go hand in hand over here. Creative ideas of art school graduates are supplied by logic and order by our project managers with IT brain. Porta = Art + Logic.

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